Wedding Trends for 2020

When you’re planning your wedding, the chances are that you’ll want something that’s a little bit different from the ones you’ve already gone to. And this appetite for novelty is what makes the industry shift a little bit every year. So what kind of new developments are we likely to see in 2020? Let’s take a look.

Environmental Friendliness

Thanks mostly to David Attenborough documentaries, we’re all more in tune than ever with the value of the natural world, and efforts to preserve it. As such, you’ll see weddings in 2020 take even greater strides toward sustainability. Disposable plastics will become even rarer, and local suppliers will have an even greater role to play.

Part of this trend is catering to guests with special dietary concerns, many of which are driven by environmentalism. If you’re bringing together a hundred or so people to celebrate your nuptials, then you can expect a dozen or so of them to be vegetarian or vegan – and in 2020, catering to these people will become more important than ever!

Long Tables

Round tables are a common fixture at weddings, mainly because they’re space-efficient while still allowing everyone to get up and around. But if you’ve got a big enough room, or even an outdoor space, then a long table is a great way to create that medieval-banquet vibe.

Destination Weddings

While it might seem paradoxical, more of us are deciding to hold our wedding ceremonies in far-flung locations, despite the carbon footprint that comes with shipping several hundred people on a plane to a distant and exotic country. Of course, more Brits than ever before have family and friends in faraway lands, and for them it might actually be more convenient to host the wedding there. For many of us, however, an overseas wedding is just an excuse to add some extra ‘wow’ factor.

Naturally, Cheesy Smiles doesn’t offer its services to rural Thailand or Madeira, so we think local weddings are still the way to go!

Embracing Video

Still images aren’t going to go anywhere, as they can be looked at and enjoyed in a matter of seconds rather than taking up minutes or even hours. That said, video technology is getting more advanced and accessible every year. What’s more, it’s easy to share, too. This isn’t a fad that’s likely to go away anytime soon; in fact, you can expect video services to become commonplace in the 2020s. You’ll find video-recording services along with all our tried-and-tested photo booths.