What is a Micro Wedding and Should you be Considering One?

If your wedding plans have been scuppered by the current situation, then you might be tempted to get the show back on the road sooner rather than later. Given that we don’t know exactly when we’ll be free to invite as many people as we like to our nuptials, there’s been a marked trend in the industry toward so-called ‘micro-weddings’. But exactly what do ceremonies of this sort entail, and can they really take the place of a full-scale ceremony? All being well, we’ll all go through just one wedding in our lifetime; isn’t it better to just wait it out?

What’s the damage?

According to Bridebook, the country’s most popular app for wedding planning, around 64% of weddings planned in 2020 have been impacted by the pandemic. For weddings planned in the middle of the year, the figure was undoubtedly closer to 100%. The eventual damage might be greater or lesser depending on what happens with the virus – and you’d have to be especially brave to make predictions there.

The global wedding industry has been brought to a virtual standstill, at a cost of around £87.5 billion. And there might be knock-on consequences which cost a little bit more than that! One bride-to-be told Glamour magazine: “This has made me realise that I just want to get married. I don’t care about anything else anymore.”

If attitudes like this become widespread, then it might spell lasting and fundamental change to the way that we approach weddings. You might hear from friends of friends who got married under lockdown conditions and weren’t all that bothered about it – and thus the practice of ‘micro-weddings’ might well proliferate.

Bounce Back?

On the other hand, we might find that there’s a big backlog of weddings that need to be crammed into a calendar year, as all the couples who had intended on getting married in 2020 push their dates back into 2021. That will almost certainly spell huge pressure on venues across the country, which may well be reflected in an uptick in prices. As such, don’t be surprised to see couples announcing that they’ve booked midweek dates in September, October and November 2021 – simply because there isn’t enough capacity during the summer.

Why a Smaller Wedding?

Of course, necessity isn’t the only reason to downsize a wedding. There had been a trend toward ‘micro weddings’ well before most of us had heard the term ‘novel coronavirus’. Couples might look to cut costs, to make their catering options more elaborate, or simply to make the ceremony more intimate. After all, if you’re just hosting a few people, then you’ll have time to speak to everyone.

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