What not to do as a photographer

There are plenty of articles telling you what you should be doing as a photographer, but here’s what you shouldn’t be doing.

Keep auto-flash turned on

If you care about photography you need to be thinking about lighting all the time, and not let auto-flash try to do the work for you. It will not only make you lazy but it will make your photos look bad and all washed out. Rely on natural lighting as much as possible.

Share every single photo you take

It’s quick and easy to post every single photo you take onto your favourite social media platforms such as Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram, but it’s also a bad idea. You’ll end up showing people loads of repeated and blurry photos rather than showing only your best shots. Go through all of your photos and pick the ones that are actually good – people will be way more impressed if they only see your best shots.

Do the same things over and over again

As a photographer or, in fact, any type of artist, it can be easy to find something you are good at, a particular technique or subject matter, for instance, and do that thing over and over again in an attempt to replicate your success. Doing the same things over and over will only lead to stagnation so you need to keep trying new things.

Think you might not need a camera when you leave your house

If you are serious about photography you should always have a camera on you. There are so many small moments in life that you never know when they will happen, and if you don’t have a camera on you, you miss out on capturing a beautiful photo.

Luckily, most people own smartphones that have decent camera, so you don’t always need to be lugging a big SLR camera around with you.

Spend more time thinking about your equipment than actually taking photos

The most important aspects of photography are things like lighting, composition, and subject matter. The specs of your gear are secondary, so while you might salivate over the most expensive, top-of-the-like lens, owning it won’t actually make you a better photographer. The biggest tools in your photography kit are your eyes and creativity.

Keep all your photos locked away on a hard drive

It’s funny that while so many people have access to a camera, be it on their smartphone or an SLR, less photos are actually printed than ever before. Our photo booths wouldn’t be nearly as fun as they are if they didn’t print photos out, because there’s something special about photos that you can hold in your hands. You’re much more likely to see and appreciate good photography if it isn’t locked away on a hard drive.

Throwing a party but want to relax instead of taking photos?

If you’re throwing a party, but would rather have fun with your guests than be stressed out about making sure you have the best photos, consider hiring one of our photo booths. Your guests will have loads of fun and they’ll be able take great mementos home because our photo booths print out the photos.