When to Book a Photo Booth


Planning a big event is a stressful thing. If the event in question is a wedding, then so much more so. Co-ordinating all of those suppliers is among the trickiest tasks, owing simply to the length of the average engagement. If you’re planning your wedding for eighteen months, then the chances are that a few of the dozens of caterers, musicians and photo-booth providers you’re bringing together will fail.

Most small businesses in the UK fail within a few years – and a few of them go to pot before they’ve time to reach their first anniversary. As such, the chances are good that some of the services you book won’t make it to the big day.

We can get around this in several ways. First, you might leave the actual booking part until a few months before the day itself. That way you can be fairly sure that the business in question will be around when you come to tie the knot.

Now, there’s obvious a limit to how late you can leave it, as other couples might get there first, and schedules might fill up. This applies particularly in the case of photo booth services, for which demand is currently very high.

Another way you can deal with the problem is to look for businesses which have been around for a long time, and which have attracted positive feedback from other customers. Naturally, out business falls into this category: we’re among the best-loved photo booth providers in Buckinghamshire!

Why are Photo Booths so Popular?

A manned photo booth provides an inexpensive source of entertainment that’s on supply all night long. As well as this, they provide a sort of digital, image-based guest book that you and your friends will be able to reminisce about in the years to come. They even provide physical copies of photos to your guests, and thus they make a sort of modern wedding favour that can be easily pinned to the front of a fridge.

At certain times of the year, such as Christmas and the middle of summer, you might find that we’re especially busy. While we strive to meet the needs of every client, the fact is that we can’t be in two places at once. For this reason, it’s worth planning your event as far ahead as possible – that way, you’ll minimise the likelihood of disappointment. With that said, it’s always worth asking the question, as we do get cancellations from time to time. If you’re interested in hiring a booth, then why not get in touch?



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