Which Photo Booth is Right for My Event?

Which Photo Booth is Right for My Event?

Here at Cheesy Smiles, we offer top-quality photo booths in four fun varieties. This week, we thought it would be worth clarifying the differences between them, and helping you all to decide which will make the best match for your event.

How long do I get?

You’ll want your photo booth to be active in the evening – after everyone’s eaten, while they’re milling around chatting or dancing. That way, people will just be able to pop over at their leisure. All of our booths are available for three hours, except for the Rickshaw booth, which is available for four.

How many people can I get in a shot?

If you’re hosting a large gathering, then you might want as large a group photo as possible. For this, you’ll want to go for our ‘tower’ booth. It has more of an open-air layout, coming with a central pillar that houses all of the technology, and a glittery backdrop. We reckon you can fit around sixteen people into a single shot with ease.

If you’re looking for something a bit more up-close and personal, on the other hand, you might prefer the Oval booth. There’s no need to compromise on capacity, if you’re going down this route; each lot of photos is printed in around twenty seconds flat, and there’s still room for about eight people inside.

What extra features do I get?

If you’re looking for a little bit of added technological sparkle, then the Magic Mirror booth is surely the best bet. You’ll be able to add in special filters and sign your shots via the integrated touchscreen. Much like the rickshaw booth, this one makes an excellent centrepiece for any celebration.

What are the similarities?

While each of the photo booths we’ve talked about is different, there are a few commonalities between all of them. They’ll each provide physical and digital versions of your snaps, and they each come accompanied by a trained attendant for minimal confusion even after you’ve all had a few.

If you’re based in Buckinghamshire and the surrounding area, and you’d like to get your preferred style of photo booth in time for this year’s party season, then we’d suggest getting in touch as soon as you can. That way, you’ll stand the best chance of getting hold of your first choice!