Why having a photo booth at your next party is better than using your smartphone camera

Our photo booths are better for parties than smartphone cameras, and here’s why.


Size does matter (we have massive photo booths!)

While it seems that smartphone screens are getting bigger all the time, their camera lenses aren’t. But that’s not all we’re talking about here.

We’re talking about how big our photo booths are.

Our photo booths aren’t the tiny, cramped, and unloved ones you get in shopping centres and Tube stations.

No, our photo booths have room for you and lots of your friends. You can all step into one of our photo booths and take loads of crazy fun photos together (and you can actually be in the photos because you won’t be on the wrong side of the camera).


Get in our photo booth: enjoy the party instead of spending it sticking your phone in people’s faces.

Do you remember the good old days? When you could enjoy your party instead of worrying about taking photos of how fun your party is so you can post them all to Facebook (even the blurry ones, because why not?)?

Our photo booths aren’t just a way to record the party, they are the party. When everybody steps into one of our photo booths (with the props we include in all our packages) they get to have fun together.

Our photo booths even print your photos – don’t worry, you’ll get a USB stick with all your photos so you can still flood your Instagram followers’ timelines with your party photos.


Put your iPhone away, you’re not as good a photographer as you think you are – we bet our photo booths take better photos than you (is it me or are these subheadings getting longer and longer?)

Admit it, you leave each party you go to with tonnes of blurry and wonky photos on your phone.

And if you’re really shameless, you probably even post them on your social media accounts.

That doesn’t happen with our photo booths.

Our photo booths have professional-quality cameras which take perfectly crisp and clear photos.


Your smartphone doesn’t come with an attendant (but our photo booths do!)

All of our photo booths come with a free photo booth attendant (sorry, you can’t keep them) to look after the photo booth and everybody using it, so no matter how terrible your friends are operation of the photo booth will run smoothly for as long as you hire one (which is usually three hours).