Why Hire a Video Booth?

Why Hire a Video Booth?

Here at CheesySmiles, we’re best known for some of the best photo booth hire Buckinghamshire, Slough and Pitstone have to offer. We provide our clients with a fun means of capturing images of their party– whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, or a paid-for festival. But as well as our popular photo booths, we also provide a means of capturing moving images, using a trio of handheld cameras. But exactly what are the advantages of this approach? Let’s consider some of them.

Video Booth is Affordable

A professional videographer will command a steep price. This is to be expected: they’re working unsociable hours; they’re extremely skilled professionals; and, if you’d like to match our video solution, you’ll need three different perspectives on the action. All of this can quickly escalate your costs.

Video Booth Saves from Having to Use your own Phone

A big party where everyone is glued to their phones constantly isn’t much fun. But if you’d like to capture a special moment, sometimes there’s no other choice but to reach into your pocket. A video solution avoids that. You’ll get a trio of iPod Touches to distribute to your guests. Anyone who feels like taking a video can do precisely that!

Video Booth provides a Personal Touch

If you’re getting proceedings filmed professionally, then there’s a danger that things will start to look a little bit sterile. Experienced camera operators tend to frame every shot in a particular way. That’s all very well if you’re trying to sell a product or create a work of art, but we think the little imperfections that come from allowing your friends and family to point the camera will give the final film a personal touch.

Video Booth captures the Moments that Matter

When you point an expensive film camera into someone’s face, the chances are that they won’t act naturally. Our cameras, by contrast, are small and subtle. Moreover, since they’re going to be there all evening, your guests will be able to forget that they’re there. As such, they’ll end up acting far more naturally than they otherwise might!

You Won’t need to Edit

Have you ever taken a video out on a night out? The chances are that the footage didn’t look so great the morning after. Not only was there not much footage to sift through, but the stuff you did manage to capture was dimly lit and dominated by obnoxious club music. When you hire us, you’re also hiring expert editors who’ll take your footage and trim it down into a highlight reel, packed with the fun moments you actually want to remember.

In Conclusion

Video booth is a fun way to capture footage of your special occasion. It strikes just the right balance between professionalism and authenticity, and you’ll actually watch the final result over and over again!