Why Learn Photoshop?

Our customers get free digital versions of every photo taken in a Cheesy Smiles photobooth. There’s a great deal to be said about storing (and viewing) snaps in this kind of way. But among the most compelling reasons to prefer digital is that it allows us to make alterations to those images. Among the most popular means of doing this is Adobe’s Photoshop. With this program, you can do all sorts of weird and wonderful things – from adjusting colour-balance to cutting out your friends and placing them into weird and wonderful situations. The following advantages don’t just apply to photoshop, but to a whole range of image-editing software packages – many of them entirely free.

Edit out those Blemishes

While many of us are pretty indifferent to the camera describing us ‘warts and all’, there are some photos where this gets a bit much. If you’re looking back on a special occasion like a birthday party or wedding, you don’t want to be distracted by the pimple that just so happened to have been emerging on the day in question. Photoshop allows you to get rid of such blemishes, in the much the same way as it allows you to deal with red-eye.

Tweak Colours

By fiddling with the colour levels on your photo, you’ll be able to make it look slightly colder, and match lighting between different environments. Just about any photo-editing software can do this, but more powerful ones will allow you to separate parts of the image and filter them differently.

Open Your Eyes

Once you learn how just about any image can be manipulated until it’s barely recognisable, you’re sure to become a great deal more sceptical about what you see on the front of fashion magazines, and you might even learn to be a bit less concerned with the way you look compared to other digitally-manipulated people.

Learn a New Skill

Given that Covid-19 has forced so many of us to shun public gatherings for the sake of everyone’s good health, we’re going to have quite a lot of time to kill while waiting for things to return to normal (if indeed, they do return to normal). If you want to invest this time sensibly, there are few better ways than to pick up a useful (and profitable) skill!

Have Fun!

Playing around with photoshop is a great way to flex those creative muscles. Once you’ve gotten acquainted with all of the tools, the only limitation is your own imagination – so why not get cracking?

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