Why photo booths make for the best weddings

Our photo booths make for the best weddings, and here’s why.


Our photo booth hire packages come with the ultimate wedding guest book

Having a guest book at a wedding is a must because it’s something you can look at for years to come to remind you of how perfect your wedding day was.

With a CheesySmiles photo booth you get to make the ultimate guest book – our packages include a guest book for your guests to stick their best photos in (because our photo booths print out photos like a, well, photo booth).


Have a lot of wedding guests? Don’t worry, our photo booths are massive

Our wedding photo booths aren’t like the horrible, cramped ones you’re used to, the photo booths where you have to swivel a squeaky stool so it’s the right height to get an overpriced passport photo.

No, our photo booths are massive and allow groups of people to go in and take some crazy, fun photos (our photo booth packages even include a selection of props for even more fun).


Our photo booths do video messages too (maybe we should call them video booths instead?)

You know how when there’s a wedding on TV or film, there’s always somebody going around with a video camera getting people to give messages to the newly-married couple?

Our photo booths allow you to record video messages so you can do the same thing but without the annoying, pushy man behind the camera.


Our photo booths allow your guests to go home with the perfect wedding souvenir

Because our photo booths actually print out photos (you know, like a photo booth) any guest who uses the photo booth gets to go home with the perfect wedding souvenir, especially if the wedding couple goes in there with them.


Our photo booth hires come with an attendant to make sure your wedding runs smoothly

If you think a photo booth might be one more thing you’ll have to stress over, don’t worry. All of our photo booth packages come with an attendant who will assemble and pack away the photo booth, and then spend the hire time (usually three hours) looking after it.

Also, our photo booths are so fun we need the attendant to stop you taking it home with you.