Why Should You Hold a Wedding in Autumn?

Why Should You Hold a Wedding in Autumn?

Summer is just about drawing to a close, but that needn’t mean that the best time of year to get married is behind us. Let’s consider a few of the attributes that make autumn a fantastic time of year to get hitched – and how we might get the best from a wedding in autumn.


Since most people book their annual holiday during the summer, you’ll have a much better chance of everyone showing up if you book your wedding later in the year.


Given that demand for wedding venues is lower during the autumn than the summer, you’ll benefit from lower prices. This will free up a big chunk of your wedding budget for other flourishes, such as food and entertainment.


Since the weather is a little bit on the chillier side than it might have been, your guests will have an excuse to dress up in fancy coats and accessories. You’ll also have an excuse to move proceedings indoors. Of course, there’s a reason that summer is such a popular time for weddings: most people prefer sunshine to rain. That said, there’s no guarantee that a summer wedding won’t be rained on – and you might just be lucky enough to hold your autumn wedding on a sunny day.

Standing Apart

With so many couples holding their weddings in summer, an autumn wedding offers a chance to stand apart from the crowd. After all, when all the weddings we attend take place under blazing sunshine, they’re likely to merge into a single amorphous experience when we look back on them. Making things autumnal will allow you to stand apart – provided that you embrace the season and equip your wedding with a few seasonal flourishes.


As strange as it might sound, the colours we typically associate with autumn are those of dying plants. This means browns, deep oranges and dark greens. They’ll help the bridal gown, cake and other traditionally-white items to stand out, as well as lending proceedings a harvest-festival aesthetic.


You can also use your wedding breakfast to reinforce the theme. Pumpkins, squashes and sage are all representative of the season, as are pies, stews and one-pot dishes. Find a catering company that’s willing to provide the appropriate dishes.


During autumn, you’ll want to move bands, DJs and string quartets indoors. Deck the stage out to match the rest of the furniture, and, if you want to make things super-consistent, tailor the playlist to match the theme. Of course, whenever you’re hosting your party, it’ll benefit from a photobooth – but being among the foremost photo booth hire Buckinghamshire can boast, we would say that!