Why you need 360 VR video at your wedding

If you haven’t heard of 360 virtual reality video, you soon will. Here’s why you need 360 VR video of your wedding.


What does 360 VR video of your wedding mean?

360 VR video lets the viewer decide exactly where they want to look. With Cheesy360, we send you a 360 VR camera so you can film your wedding, and once you send it back to us we’ll edit the footage into an immersive 360 VR video of your wedding, allowing you to relive the best day of your life over and over.


360 VR video lets you have the wedding of the future

360 VR video is the future. You’re going to be seeing it everywhere over the next few years, and beyond. Cheesy360 means you can future-proof your wedding, because your grandchildren will be used to experiencing everything in 360 VR video – filming your wedding in 360 VR will give them a reason to watch your wedding video.


Cheesy360 is more than just a camera rental

When you have Cheesy360 at your wedding, you’re doing more than just renting a 360 VR camera. We take all the footage you and your guests film of the wedding day and then edit it into an immersive 360 virtual reality experience that brings your wedding to life over and over again.

We then give you all the raw footage and the professionally-edited video on a USB stick. The finished video will also be available to download from online hosting for a year.


Not 1K, not 2K, but 4 whole K’s at your wedding

That’s right. We’re really modern at CheesySmiles. That’s why our 360 VR cameras film in 4K. You’ll get your professionally edited VR video of your wedding in 4K so it’ll look great even on the newest computers and phones.


Want to make your 360 VR wedding video even more real?

Our Cheesy VR headset is a great way to make your 360 VR wedding videos even more immersive. You just need to insert your smartphone and then you can naturally move your head around to look wherever you want in the VR video.