Why you need a photo booth at your next corporate event

You need a photo booth at your next corporate event, and here’s why.


Photo booths mean you can say goodbye to boring team-building exercises

The best way to build a strong team in business is by giving the members of the team a chance to have lots of fun with one another.

That’s exactly why you should hire a photo booth for your next corporate event, because everybody has fun taking great photos with each other in a CheesySmiles photo booth.


Our huge photo booths have room for loads of your employees or customers

Our photo booths aren’t the tiny ones you’re used to, the photo booths where you go to get an overpriced passport photo.

No, our photo booths are big enough for groups of your employees or customers to go in and have lots of photo fun.


Get your customers to say how much they love your new product – our photo booths do video messages too

If you’re putting on a corporate event to announce your latest product, our photo booths are the perfect place in the event for people to say just how much they love it.

That’s because our photo booths also allow people to record video messages.

You can use the video messages recorded by our photo booths on your website, YouTube channel, social media platforms, and adverts.


Our photo booths come with keyrings to promote your business

Hiring one of our photo booths means people can leave your corporate event with your branding in their pocket.

Our photo booth packages come with 100 keyrings, so your employees and customers will be reminded of your business every time they pull their keys from their pockets.


Put your business’s messages on the photo booth printouts

Our photo booths actually print photos, but what’s even better is that you can choose to have a message on all of the photos – attendees of your corporate event can go home with photos that tell them what your business is all about.


Want to know more about CheesySmiles’ photo booth hire?

If you want to know more about our photo booth hire, take a look at our photo booth FAQs page.