Why you need to have a photo booth at your birthday party

You need a photo booth at your birthday party, and here’s why.


Our photo booths let you relive an amazing birthday party over and over again

At CheesySmiles, we believe that there’s no point taking great photos if they’re just going to be stuck on a hard drive somewhere.

That’s why our photo booth packages give you multiple ways to look at photos of the great time you had at your birthday party.

Our photo booths print your photos, and you even get 100 keyrings included.

We also believe in sharing, so our photo booth packages come with a guest book included so you can stick in your birthday party photos and share them with your friends and family.

For those of you who are even more social, our photo booth packages come with an online gallery and a USB stick of your birthday party photos, so you can still post them on to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.


We bet you our photo booths take better photos than you

We want all our birthday boys and girls to have great photos, so our photo booths all have top-quality cameras. That means our photo booths will take way better birthday party photos than you’ll be able to take on your smart phone.


Our photo booths will be the place to be at your birthday party

When it comes to photo booths, size matters. That’s because when you have one at your birthday party, you want to get as many of your friends in their as possible.

Our photo booths are huge, so you can fit in loads of your friends, and you can take loads of really creative photos with each other (and they’ll be even more fun when you use one of the many included props).

Oh, and happy birthday!