Why you need to have a photo booth at your party

You need a photo booth at your party, and here are a few reasons why.


The party carries on in our photo booths

When most people think of photo booths, they think of those tiny ones where you reluctantly go to get a passport photo of you with a weird blank expression on your face.

Our photo booths, on the other hand, have a high-quality camera and are big enough inside for you and your friends to get together and take crazy good photos.

The party carries on inside our photo booths.


Our photo booths take better photos of you and your friends

Cameras on smartphones have come a long way over the last few years, but your photography skills probably haven’t. Our photo booths take great photos every time; the quality of the photos is only defined by the creativity of you and your guests.


Our photo booths give you permanent reminders of your great party

Our photo booths give you loads of ways to look at your great party photos. Of course, they’re photo booths, so they actually print your photos for you and your friends to take home, but there’s more: after using our photo booth, you get 100 keyrings, so you can take great reminders of your party wherever you (and your keys) go.

For those of you who are more old school, all our photo booth packages come with a guest book for a place to stick all your best photos.

And don’t worry, you can still post your photos to Facebook and Instagram, because our photo booth packages include a web gallery for your photos and a USB stick with all of them saved.