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14th August 201723rd July 2018

Why you don’t want to be a professional wedding photographer

When one of our photo booths is at a wedding they have to work really hard because of how many people use them, and photo booths are only inanimate objects. Now imagine you are a professional wedding photographer, having to deal with and socialise with loads of guests while trying to take great photos of...

7th August 201723rd July 2018

How to get the best photos of your corporate event

Hiring a photo booth from us is a great way to use photography in a very social way to keep guests at your corporate event entertained. But if you want to capture the event as a whole, you will probably want to hire a professional photographer too. Here is what you need to look for in...

21st March 201623rd July 2018

How to become a great events planner

Parties are fun, but sometimes the planning isn’t, especially when it’s a really big, important event. That’s why some people pay an events planner to plan their event for them. It takes all the stress away from them, and in exchange gives you paid work. Though events planning sounds like a lot of fun, it...

27th January 201623rd July 2018

How to organise a corporate event on a budget

Corporate events are usually designed either to entertain a business’s employees, or as a marketing exercise to show clients and/or the public how great you are. But there’s no point in putting on a corporate event if it’s so expensive it bankrupts the business. So here’s our handy guide on how to organise a corporate...

20th January 201623rd July 2018

How to take great photos at a party

Being experts in photo booths, CheesySmiles has learnt a lot about taking great photos at parties. Here are our top tips on taking the greatest photos that have ever been taken at a party. Your photos shouldn’t all be formal and posed Formal, highly-posed group photos are so last century. Photos should show how much...

13th January 201623rd July 2018

How to enjoy a party without alcohol

There are a number of reasons why you might not be drinking alcohol, from using ‘Dry January’ to give your liver a rest to having work the next day so not wanting a hangover. Fortunately for you, you don’t need to drink alcohol to have fun, especially if you follow CheesySmiles’ top tips on how...

6th January 201623rd July 2018

How to throw the best kids’ birthday party in the world

CheesySmiles is a lot like a child in that we love to have fun (and you have to keep us away from sharp objects). Here are our top tips to making your child’s birthday party one to remember. Making and sending the invitations As with every other part of planning a kids’ birthday party, don’t...

31st December 201523rd July 2018

Seven tips for putting on a great corporate event

If you are planning to put on a corporate event, you’ve probably already been to quite a few others – we’re willing to bet that most of them were pretty boring. CheesySmiles doesn’t do boring so here are some great tips for putting on an even greater corporate event, one that will make everybody love...

24th December 201523rd July 2018

Six reasons why you should have a photo booth at your party

So you’re planning a party. You’ve sorted the location out. You’ve bought more food and drink than your guests could ever consume. You’ve maybe even bought a brand new outfit for the party. You’ve remembered to send out the invites early, giving everyone plenty of advanced notice. But hang on! There’s still something missing. You...

17th December 201523rd July 2018

How to put on the best party ever! Six great party tips

CheesySmiles wouldn’t exist if we didn’t believe in having lots of fun. And what’s the best way of having fun on a large scale? By throwing an amazing party, of course! There are all sorts of parties: birthdays, New Year, Christmas, etc. Or, and we think these are the best kind of parties, you can...